Once again we take these moments each year to share
our love and admiration for Adrian Paul..with the World.  

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Adrian appreciated the time and effort of all the fans
who took the time to sign his card. :)

From Adrian:

"Thank you all so much for my Smile box Christmas Card. It always amazes me how generous you all are
with your time and comments. Sorry that this got to you a little late but time has not been my friend of late, too many things to remember, too little time on my hands with Angelisa running everywhere and work begging my every moment. Hope you all have a fabulous year. "

Adrian Paul.

We wish you all PEACE and joy that won't cease....
and love from our home to yours.

(We realize that many fans celebrate this season in different ways. We try to be PC and be
considerate of all who  do celebrate (or not) and their views and beliefs. It is not
always possible, and we do not intend any disrespect for such fans.
 We do hope that in spite of this, you will participate in the effort to bring a smile to Adrian.)

Happy Chanuchristmakwanzaakah!!

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Special thanks to my everlasting buds and the people who have the other half of
the words I'm always missing. (That means Gail, Linda, Karen, Jen and Elise.)

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