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Name:  Rileah

E-mail:  ringodesign@aol.com
Location:  Albuquerque, NM
Birthday:  7 July, 1952
Bio:  Born in Grand Rapids, MI and by age 4 was moved to Marion, IN where I lived for another 26 years. In 1983, my son Corey and I moved to Albuquerque, Land of Enchantment and opportunity. Corey is grown now with a lovely wife, and my 2 precious grandbabies. I design jewelry and web sites for fun. I paint on canvas and love to create huge wall murals (never grown upo! LOL). Several of my designs hang in the Fine Arts Gallery at the NM State Fair. Even winning a 2nd place and an Honrable Mention over the past 5 years.
Interests:  In 1999 I became enamored of Highlander and interested in Adrian Paul and the man behind the kilt. A 500+ member Yahoo E-group filled with loving friends (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/adriansangels1) as well as an award winning 100+ page web site (www.adriansangels.com)full of Adrian Paul and Highlander. When I can, I garden and read.
Blog Created:  Thursday, 22 January 2009
Last Updated:  Wednesday, 7 October 2009 - 8:39 PM MDT
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