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Happy Birthday Adrian
Sing along to the song: "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" (otherwise known as the Beverly Hillbillies)
It helps if you sing with a Southern accent. :>)

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Let me tell ya a story about Adrian Paul...........
Happy Birthday to Adrian Paul,
You dance, you act and you do it all.
From modeling,  to theater and TV
Making movies for all of us to see.

The Breed that is...Dark Shadows.... Moscow Heat.

You have shared your talent, big screen and small,
As for your movies, we surely have them all.
Sharing with friends is too much fun,
We hope our collecting will never be done.

Endgame that is.....Convergence....Susan's Plan.

Volleyball and soccer are your favorite sports,
But we must admit, we love you in those shorts.
You kick butt in all the martial arts,
Your Katas bring palpitations to our hearts.

Hung Gar that is....Katanas....Swordwork.

Warrior, Fighter and lover too,
Hanging at Joe's is what Duncan liked to do.
Whether in jeans or clad in a kilt,
On Holy Ground no blood was ever spilt.

Quickenings that is....Methos....Amanda

We really admire what you have done with PEACE,
And hope all your efforts will never cease.
Thailand.... Romania ...and the USA
You've given kids hope for a better day.

Our hero that is.....Philanthropist....Humanitarian.

We've watched your career from the "get-go"
And fell in love with adorable Budino.
Following along whatever your groove,
From ponytail to Euro-smooth.

World traveler that is....Dog Bones....Tuxedoes.

So Happy Birthday from all of your fans,
To all of us, you are "The Man!"
Fan clubs, Conventions, Gatherings too,
It's all come about because of you.

Friendships that is....Laughter....Peace!

We are not lyricists and do this solely for entertainment.
We hope it does!
Lyrics written and laughed over by: Gail Kallen, Rileah Ringo, Elaine Walch, Jen Oberholtzer, Linda Arfsten, Carmen McGillberry
and Karen Houlton

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