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The 2007 BIRTHDAY PROJECT coming soon!!!!! Check often

Just our little way of saying "Best Wishes" and all the best for the future
to the man who we all respect and admire. Fans from around the
world joined in to help make this project come to life, over 200 of them!

Very Graphic Intensive....please go slow and wait for it all to load!!
(Please use the mouse and widen your screen to the fullest so you don't miss a thing!)

The Adrian Holiday Exclusive
"Rileah did make Alex and me laugh, especially seeing Budino tied up as the reindeer."

Read what else Adrian had to say about our Adrian Holiday Exclusive!

In 2007, one of our Angels, Beatrice who is from Italy, ran into Adrian
at a small Con in Europe just after his Birthday and kindly had made
a printout of this entire Birthday page. It's Eight (8') feet long!!!!!!!
(and that's in a miniaturized form). Wow.

Adrian was so pleased with our endeavor, that  he left us a little note.....
Adrian Paul Birthday 2006

Then, for more fun, join our Adrian's Angels E-group!
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